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Viewing Tips

The Electric Company is more than just a TV show. It's a multimedia experience that's everywhere kids are - on the web, in print, and in communities. 

Through The Electric Company, you can help your child become a confident, motivated reader at home! Use these simple tips to bring literacy to life and help your child learn with The Electric Company.


Before Watching

  • Ask your child what he knows about the show. Who is his favorite character? What skills and/or special powers does this character have? How does this character use words in the show? Then look for this character as you watch the show.
  • Create a clear and accessible space for watching the program. Then encourage your child to jump, dance, and sing along with the characters.
  • Create a toolbox for after-viewing activities. Include crayons, index cards, glue sticks, and other materials. You can use the toolbox to reinforce each episode's lessons or to engage in other after-show activities.


While You Watch

  • Watch The Electric Company with your child. Pause to talk about the words, letters, and sounds you hear.
  • Encourage your child to listen out for the five vocabulary words introduced at the beginning of the show.   For a fun, interactive viewing game, ask them to clap, jump or shout the word out every time they hear one of the words.


After Watching

  • Engage your child in a discussion about the show. What did she remember? What parts made the strongest impression?
  • Practice the vocabulary words introduced in the episode you just watched. Go to "Episode Descriptions" and read the list of vocabulary words. Ask your child to use these words as she tells you what happened in the show.
  • Ask your child to act out his favorite scene from the episode. Try to guess which scene he is acting out.
  • Point out real-world examples of the lesson covered in the episode you watched. For example, after watching the episode with silent "e," you could take a walk and point out examples of silent "e" on signs around your neighborhood.


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