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Season 2

Episode 201 — Friends or Aunts
Theme: Friendship
Vocabulary Words: selected, knowledge, correct, incorrect, rules

Annie Scrambler and her aunt go head-to-head with Lisa and Hector on a semi-popular game show.

Episode 202 — A Whole New Francine
Theme: Friendship
Vocabulary Words: apologize, convince, dishonest, trust, volunteer

Francine decides to be a nicer person, but is it just a ploy to get invited into The Electric Company?

Episode 203 — Mighty Bright Fight
Theme: Friendship
Vocabulary Words: suspicious, create, creator, assistant, decision

Jessica and Manny work together on a project for the Mighty Bright Knight comic book convention.

Episode 204 — Oh Danny Boy
Theme: Friendship
Vocabulary Words: partner, sensitive, depend, loyal, commitment

Hector and Danny join forces in a doubles ping-pong tournament. Will they find friendship in victory?

Episode 205 — The Great Compromise
Theme: Citizenship
Vocabulary Words: perturbed, extreme, bicker, proposal, compromise

The Electric Company and the Pranksters have to work together to preserve their ability to use their special powers in the neighborhood.

Episode 206 — Goodnight, Robot
Theme: Citizenship
Vocabulary Words: inspire, signature, petition [n.], preserve [v.], verify

The Electric Company circulates a petition to save a famous literary landmark from destruction.

Episode 207 — The Potato Custom
Theme: Citizenship
Vocabulary Words: ambassador, culture, custom, insult [v.], translate

Jessica is named Junior Ambassador to the planet Skelecki, that is, until she makes an intergalactic faux pas.

Episode 208 — Bluefoot
Theme: Discovery
Vocabulary Words: evidence, expert, microscope, gullible, skeptical

Hector tries to debunk the myth of a mysterious creature called Bluefoot.

Episode 209 — Revolutionary Doughnuts
Theme: Discovery
Vocabulary Words: ancestor, discover, discovery, history, relative

Lisa tries to clear the name of an ancestor accused of being a traitor in the Revolutionary War.

Episode 210 — Bananas
Theme: Discovery
Vocabulary Words: binoculars, discover, observe, flustered, admit

Annie's Uncle Sigmund needs The Electric Company's help to talk to an old friend who has come back to visit the neighborhood.

Episode 211 — Wicket Itch
Theme: Storytelling
Vocabulary Words: wicked, courageous, script[n.], predictable, collaborate

Lisa and the gang are making a movie! Will Manny Spamboni insist on making it all about him or will he learn to collaborate with The Electric Company?

Episode 212 — Unmuffins
Theme: Storytelling
Vocabulary Words: unsure, unbelievably, undo, unfriendly, unusual

Something funny is going on. The Pranksters are being very helpful and The Electric Company is being awfully unfriendly. Will Jessica be able to fix things so everyone is back to normal?

Episode 213 — One Smart Cookie
Theme: Storytelling
Vocabulary Words: character, details, detective, mystery, clues

The Electric Company and Francine pretend to be the characters from the Casey Calloway book series in order to solve a mystery and win the title of Master Detective.

Episode 214 — One Bad Apple
Theme: Storytelling
Vocabulary Words: western[n.], positive, negative, conflict[n.], confident

PJ has to write a story for his creative writing class, but his assignment has given him a bad case of writer's block. Can Lisa help him write a Western that takes place in a refrigerator?



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