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Word Builder

Sometimes, when letters switch places it builds a new word. Build your own words with this activity.

  • Target Age:  6-9 
  • Learning Goals:  Phonics: Blending
  • Related Episode: Episode 110 – “Scrambled Brains”
  • Related Game: Word Mangler


  • Crayons, markers or chalk
  • Blocks
  • Masking tape


  1. Write the word endings and letters from the word list below on pieces of masking tape.
  2. Stick each word or word ending to a block.
  3. Ask your child to move the blocks around to create words, building a wall of words.
  4. Swap around the word endings to create new words

Word List

  • ick
  • ill
  • p
  • s
  • l
  • y
  • br

Possible word combinations:

  • pick / picky / pill / silly / sick / lily / lick / brick

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