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The Super Skills of the Silent EThe Super Skills of the Silent E

Help your child develop her word skills by teaching her about the special skill of silent “e.” Ask her to practice predicting how words change when the silent “e” is added.


Rapper's DelightRapper's Delight

Encourage your child to create a rhyming poem, also known as a "rap" - it's a great way to flex creativity and play with rhyming words.



The Bug Went to the GymThe Bug Went to the Gym

This fun activity will encourage your child to notice the different sounds the letter “g” makes. Then you can use your “g” words to create silly sentences together.


Word QuestWord Quest

You and your child can go on a quest, excavating word artifactsfrom hiding places around your home and figuring out what they are!


Cool CombinationsCool Combinations

Use a formula to help your child master combined words.



Word BuilderWord Builder

Sometimes, when letters switch places it builds a new word. Build your own words with this activity.



Comic Book CreatorComic Book Creator

In this activity, your child can create his very own Electric Company comic book.



Pirates and Bears Oh MyPirates and Bears Oh My!

Help your child identify the way the letter "r" changes the sound of a vowel.

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