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Meet the Characters

The Electric Company

Your child is invited to join the fun with the quirky, diverse and fun-loving kids that make up The Electric Company.  Members have the wordball power, which allows them to think of a word or phrase that then becomes a wordball in their hand.  They can put the word or phrase anywhere they want – larger than life on a billboard or shrunk down small to fit on the side of a notebook.  Members also have an additional superpower, allowing them to overcome the Prankster’s mischief and restore order to the neighborhood.

Jessica RuizJessica Ruiz is a natural leader and problem solver.  Even though she’s just a teen, she doesn’t take any guff from the Pranksters.  Her brother, Hector, is seven years older but Jessica likes to act like the big sister - this drives Hector nuts!  A gifted dancer and rapper, her superpower is the ability to replay anything she hears and show it as text.


Hector RuizHector Ruiz, whohas recently finished college, runs The Electric Diner, the de facto headquarters for The Electric Company.  Hector is cool and smooth and goofy which makes him the person everyone wants to be around.  Hector’s superpower is a photographic memory, which allows him to zoom in on details that can lead to important information to help solve problems.


Marcus BarnesMarcus Barnes is the youngest member of the Electric Company.  A natural comedian and a self-described math nerd, Marcus’ superpower is centered around numbers.



Lisa HeffenbacherLisa Heffenbacher is quirky, funny and full of life.  Her superpower is the ability to solve any word problem at super-human speed: an anagram, a rebus, you name it!  Lisa loves science and recently fulfilled her dream of going to Space Camp.


ShockShock has a wide-open sweetness and a relentless imagination.  He’s a vocal percussionist with the ability to add a beat or soundtrack to any moment.  Shock works in the Electric Diner and occasionally helps in the decoding of words there.



Keith WatsonKeith Watson is a 15-year-old upbeat, cool kid who is confident, optimistic, open and charming. He's a natural negotiator too! His superpower is the ability to create pictures from words!



LeoLeo Watson, Keith’s dad,runs The Electric Diner, which serves as headquarters for The Electric Company. He is a hands-on father and is cool but firm.



The Pranksters

Like our heroes, the Pranksters have individualized powers with unique ways of altering words and creating mayhem in the neighborhood. These mischief-makers are motivated by the sheer joy of creating chaos in hopes of defeating The Electric Company…at least once!

Francine CarruthersFrancine Carruthers is obsessed with popularity and, if she were allowed to be the president of The Electric Company, she would be a member.  She is the only Prankster who can throw wordballs.  She leaves clues in the form of rhyming poems and secretly has a crush on Hector.



Manny SpamboniManuel "Manny" Spamboni is a tech whiz that hacks and builds gizmos to thwart our heroes.  What he lacks in social skills and gym sock etiquette, Manny makes up for with his desire to triumph over The Electric Company.  Any change in The Electric Company’s reputation is a cause for pure delight.



Gilda FlipGilda Flip is a Prankster-in-training who lives in Francine's building.  She secretly wants to take over the Pranksters.  For now, she is content to learn under Francine, who has agreed to teach her about Pranksterism and life in general.  She is very well organized and eager to please, as well as being brilliantly devious.


Danny RebusDanny Rebus is a softy inside who is very touchy and easily offended by the smallest wrongdoing.  He also has a steel-trap memory for every time he’s been slighted over the years.  Hector and Danny share some great times but Danny blows it by insisting Hector only be his friend.  Poor Danny.  His favorite pastime is leaving riddles in rebus form, creating havoc in the neighborhood.


Annie ScramblerAnnie Scrambler creates mischief by scrambling text in the neighborhood.  She is an impish time bomb who will lull you into a false sense of security and then throw your world into chaos.



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