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The Electric Company website is an online destination with an extensive collection of games and videos, all focused on reading and math skills.  On the site, your child can also create and take care of their very own Pet Bot.  Your child can use the website on a computer, phone or tablet.

My Pet BotMy Pet Bot
A key feature of the new website is the My Pet Bot area.  Your child can change the body, hair, accessories, wheels and more to customize their very own Pet Bot.  When your child logs in and plays on the site, the points they’ve earned will unlock new items for their pet bot!  Play here on computers, tablets and smart phones! 

Immersive Worlds:  The Adventure of the Electric Company on Prankster Planet

Prankster Planet is an online gaming destination that allows your child to go from watching The Electric Company show to being part of the Company! Using their knowledge of math concepts and vocabulary words learned in an episode, your child can help Marcus and Jessica stop the Pranksters from messing with earth!

WordsuckeruppernatorWordsuckeruppernator: In season one, your child helps Marcus and Jessica stop Manny and the Pranksters from sucking up all the words from Earth.  Play here on a computer!




Reverse-A-BallReverse-A-BallIn the second installment, Francine is sending Reverse-A-Balls crashing down to Earth, reversing every word they touch!  Your child must help Jessica and Marcus stop the Reverse-A-Balls!   As your child helps save the day, they’ll also get a valuable introduction to graphing skills, including collecting data and creating and analyzing graphs.  Play here on a computer!


Pet Bot Joke Jam Game and CreatorPet Bot Joke Jam Game and Creator
Pet Bot Joke Jam is maze-style action game in which the Pranksters have stolen words from the Bot’s joke book.  Your child uses context clues to figure out the missing words and their spelling skills to collect letters in the right order.  Your child can also opt for the “Create” feature and design their own mazes!   Play here on computers, tablets and smart phones!


Jessica’s JoyrideJessica’s Joyride
Jessica’s Joyride invites your child along on a high-speed chase to catch Danny Rebus who has stolen The Electric Company's brand new Supersonic Flyer Mix Maker.  Your child must collect rhyming words to earn power boosts and catch him!  Play here on computers, tablets and smart phones!


Jungle JumbleJungle Jumble
In Jungle Jumble, Francine’s Prankster Bots have taken apart all of the words on Prankster Planet.  Your child uses their phonics and spelling skills to connect word parts and put those words back together!  Play here on computers, tablets and smart phones!


Scrapyard SliceScrapyard Slice
Curriculum:  Compound Words
In Scrapyard Slice, Francine’s Prankster Bots are dumping compound words into the junkyard.  Your child must identify compound words and break them apart into two separate words to stop those bots!  Play here on computers, tablets and smart phones!


Mine Cart MashMine Cart Mash
In Mine Cart Mash, Francine’s Prankster Bots have taken over the mines on Prankster Planet.  Your child must use letters like h, r, and silent e, to transform words into new words and stop the bots!  Play here on computers, tablets and smart phones!


Halfpipe HoverballHalfpipe Hoverball
In Halfpipe Hoverball, Marcus is practicing some cool new tricks – until, those pesky Prankster Bots start throwing word balls in his way!  Your child uses their phonics skills to help Marcus shoot the wordballs back into the goals where they belong!  Play here on computers, tablets and smart phones!


The Next Electric Company StarThe Next Electric Company Star
The Next Electric Company Star is our version of American Idol!  With a focus on the importance of following through as you read, animated characters from the show  "audition," and your child must select the one that follows through and reads the entire word or sentence correctly.  Play here on a computer!


Great EscapesGreat Escapes
Great Escapesencourages your child to organize a group of words into a grammatically correct sentence. Your child sees an incomplete sentence and an assortment of words, and must place the words in their correct positions in the sentence before the timer runs out.  Play here on a computer!


Manny’s Word ManglerManny’s Word Mangler
Manny’s Word Mangleris a fast-paced game that focuses on word parts.  Manny is breaking apart words into smaller chunks and it’s your child’s job to grab the word parts and put them together to create new words.    Play here on a computer!


What’s the Story?What’s the Story?
What’s the Story? encourages your child to create their own story by making their very own Electric Company fairytale, commercial, or news report! Your child makes selections about who, what, where, when, why, and how of the story and then watches it play back as a narrated video.  Play here on a computer!


Sandwich StackerSandwich Stacker
Sandwich Stacker, a math-based game, invites your child to join in a sandwich-making contest at the Electric Diner!  Your child must figure out where numbers belong on a number line to defeat their opponent.  Play here on a computer!


Basketball BattleBasketball Battle
Basketball Battle takes the competition with the Pranksters out to the court.  Your child must read equations that have a greater than or less than sign and find the basketballs with numbers that fit the equation!  Play here on computer!


Word TransformerWord Transformer
Word Transformeris a fun, musical game about using the letters r, h, and silent e to transform words.  Play here on computer!



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