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About the Electric Company

About the Electric CompanyThe Electric Company invites your 5-9 year old children into a playful, funny and musical world that cleverly puts reading and writing at its heart. The project features comedic storylines, short animations, hip music and celebrities of today. The backbone of the show is vocabulary (including math-related words), phonics and reading comprehension. 

The Electric Company is a group of friends who are bound by a love for words and are sworn to do the right thing.  Coming from a vibrant city neighborhood, each member has the ability to make, control and play with words, letters or numbers. They use their skills to solve problems created by a mischievous group of neighborhood pranksters. 
The Pranksters also play with words, but they use their word skills to create chaos. 
The Electric Company always prevails, sometimes with the help of your kids at home, using the power of words and numbers.

 The Adventures of the Electric Company on Prankster Planet is an animated / gaming experience that encourages your child to go from watching The Electric Company show to becoming a part of the Company itself!  Prankster Planet videos and games introduce math concepts such as probability, coin value, measurement and graphing. 







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